Renewal Problem (follow up to Renewal Question)


Well, I can’t access my original post because I’m no longer a Premium member, despite being billed for it today (Brad said in reply to that post that this wouldn’t happen until October).

And, despite what the image says, I was actually billed $64. Brad, please help straighten all this out.

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  1. Wolf

    As they've mentioned from time to time, this is not really Brad's nor Paul's job. Have you tried [email protected]?

    • wbhite

      In reply to Wolf:

      I just emailed them. I should mention that it was Brad who responded to my first forum post, so Brad is involved with this to some extent. He also said they were looking at different pricing for us early members, so between being billed today (instead of Oct) and being billed at full price (instead of a discounted rate), Brad is either misinformed or their whole system is wrecked. And again, despite all this, I'm not a Premium member anymore.

      • lwetzel

        In reply to wbhite:

        Same experience here charged card $64 despite the subtotal of $42. Now that is some tax. Think if this stands I will just cancel.

        I actually took the step to cancel.

        Let us know if anyone finds out anything further.

  2. lwetzel

    Ok I have received two emails one from Thurrott Membership about a partial refund and one from Blue Whale Web LLC that they have started a refund of $22.   

    Tim said "Alpha subscriptions will not be eligible to renew at $64 however they should not be renewing until October 4th, 2017." I am not sure what that means. It would appear that as an Alpha member I paid from June 21, 2016 to October 2, 2017 fro the reduce amount and I am being charged $64 - $22 = $42 again. I am confused. Anyone understand and want to explain

  3. Paul Thurrott

    Guys, sorry about this. We had a billing mistake tied to the one-year anniversary of Premium, and are fixing it. You should get an email soon explaining this.

    Apologies. --Paul

  4. brucebaker

    I know this is a pain and should not have happened, but considering the value I get each week a little hassle is a small price to pay.

  5. wunderbar

    I did just get an email saying that my renewal failed because of my expired payment information.

    I know that is a small team, and I know that you can't do everything all the time, but honestly, I find this situation to be inexcusable. Payment things like this just can't be screwed up, it just can't.

    • Tim

      In reply to wunderbar:

      You are absolutely right and we're working on getting to the bottom of what happened. We have been successfully managing monthly renewals for nearly a year with no issue.

      This issue appears to be related to the fact that the purchase date was different from the subscription start date for those that partook in the Alpha Membership promotion (which as has been pointed out isn't technically until October).

      We will be getting to the bottom of this, and making it right.

  6. Tim

    Hello all.

    Alpha subscriptions will not be eligible to renew at $64 however they should not be renewing until October 4th, 2017. Additionally, all Alpha members will be communicated about the expiration of the $42 promotional membership before that October date.

    Any premature charge will be refunded today.

  7. Brad Sams

    A dev is looking into this issue right now, apologies for the problem this has created and will get this fixed as soon as possible.

  8. actionthomas

    Same here, $42 billed $64.

  9. tbsteph

    Ditto here except my cc was charged $84.00.

    I communicated with support asking how this happened.

    Not happy.

  10. Freezal

    Yep I am there as well invoice shows 42.00 billed 64.00 to card.... Send request to support. Prolly a bad day for them :)

  11. wunderbar

    my bill date is also today. The credit card on the account is no longer valid so I can't confirm whether or not money actually is coming out of my account, but listed on the site I have a bill date of June 21, 2017.

  12. pesos

    I was also billed today, and despite the subtotal saying $42, the total charged says $64 (and that's what hit my card).

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