Salt in the wound


Its Thursday, and I’m just listening to Wednesdays Windows Weekly. About half an hour in, and talking about the World Cup, Mary Jo announces that England are 1-0 up.

As an Englishman, ouch, that one hurt! But hey, we still get to play for 3rd place. I think we’d have all taken that before the tournament began!

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3 responses to “Salt in the wound”

  1. ErichK

    Yeah I got home from work in the middle of extended time and saw the goal that put Croatia ahead. It's amazing to me considering how they've never gotten this far before (as I understand it).

  2. Bob Shutts

    Congratulations to the England Team on a great tournament.

    My mother was French, so now it's go équip Français!

  3. Jules Wombat

    and Leo was watching in on YouTube, revealing the mid second half score 1-1. Still have to accept that the small nation Croatia out played us, so a fair result.