Side Loading Cortana on Android via Microsoft Apps app by accident


I wasn’t sure how to categorize this so I am putting this in general.

Playing around today with my android phone I managed to install the Cortana for Android app. I live in Canada so Cortana for Android is not available to me but while browsing through the Microsoft Apps app I selected install on the Cortana app under the all apps listing. Now usually (as well as since then as I have been unable to reproduce this result) when you select the app or the install button it takes you to the play store where in the case of the Cortana app you are notified it is unavailable in my region. But this time the app started to download and install, I was prompted to allow installation from unknown sources and once I did this the install completed.

I’ve since set up notification sync and played around a little more with it but so far Cortana seems to be working on my phone.

My questions is this a glitch in the Microsoft Apps android app allowing you to side load the app, has anyone else been able to do this?



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