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Cord cutters how do you watch local TV, other than digital antenna? We’ve been using Locast for almost a year now. We also pay the $5 a month to get it ad-free, which I don’t mind because it’s much cheaper than paying for cable to get locals. But lately, the service has been dodgy. I’m just curious if there’s any other service like Locast that others are using. I’m aware of Hulu Live and YouTube TV but their plans start at like $64 a month after trails. Oh yeah, and watching it on your TV no computer or tablet. I feel like that’s important to mention because lots of people now a days don’t watch media on their TVs.

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  1. ericmeetsworld

    While this isn't a streaming service and is an antenna based, I've liked my Tablo for its ability to stream to an iPad, phone, streaming player, TV, etc. Not the fastest interface but has been a reasonable replacement.

    • j5

      That looks pretty neat but $150 for the unit and then $5 a month and you're still dependant on if you can get a good digital signal. If I got a good digital signal where I live I might consider that.

  2. pecosbob04

    My 30 year old roof mounted antenna works fine for all local channels and sub-channels.

    • wright_is

      Yes. satellite dish here, we get over 100 free to air German language channels, several dozen English channels and over a thousand "other" language channels. The public channels are in HD, the commercial channels are in SD, unless you buy a decoder card (60€ a year for the 60 or so channels it supports).

  3. wright_is

    I haven't seen a need to use a streaming service for local channels (we use satellite) - although we do use the apps from the channels to view their content libraries, which are all free.