Sync’ing new Edge with other browsers


I’ve found the new Edge to offer a great browsing experience, especially with the privacy settings set to “strict”. Work requires me to sometimes use Firefox, and I occasionally use a Chromebook. Is anyone aware of a good (and safe) way to sync bookmarks across browsers? I used to use a tool called X-Marks for this, but it’s no longer available.

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  1. lwetzel

    There is always the save to an favorites HTML file and importing that file. I used to have x-marks also and that is how I did it amongst many machines and browsers. Just must decide when you make a file and from which browser.

  2. coeus89

    Sadly, I don't think a cross-browser sync solution exists anymore.

  3. earlster

    I used to use x-marks, too. And have not found another solution to fill that gap.

    In the meantime I've pretty much moved to only use Firefox and sync between my different machines using a Firefox account.

    The few times I use other browsers I live without bookmarks.

  4. staggersteve

    When I was trying out the new Edge in tandem with using Chrome, I used an extension called Syncmarx to sync my bookmark collection between the browsers. Its a free extension, but I donated some money to the developer for their work. It requires either a Google Drive or Box account to store the bookmarks. If you do plan to use the extension, make sure to export a backup copy of your existing bookmarks for safekeeping.