Thoughts on Craigslist Site and SPAM

I have been using the Craigslist website to sell and buy items, especially electronics for many years. It is a great free, selling and buying website. I have found many great things here and sold many things as well.

The major problem right now with Craigslist is, SPAM, and communication.

Craigslist’s spam moderation is unacceptably bad. So bad, it can push one away. 

Craigslist uses a method of filtering spam, by users reporting it. If enough users report an item, it is removed.

Although this method works, on occasions. I have seen so many dangerous, spam sale posts, stay up for weeks and sometimes months. Craigslist needs to overhaul it’s spam moderation, radically.

Additionally, sometimes when trying to sell an item, Craigslist bizarrely puts your item into a back burner, and doesn’t post it publicly. Apparently, an item that says it’s been posted, but isn’t public, sits there until it is flagged. 

Perhaps Craigslist needs to hire moderators or have an algorithm for detecting spam in place. Or perhaps, have users verify their identities prior to signing up to post sale posts.

It is not acceptable, to have a public site, with a piss poor spam filtration system, that does not work.

As for communication, the Craigslist website, is terrible as well. Communicating with sellers is hit or miss. The ways to communicate are inconsistent. Sometimes, there is a phone number, sometimes there is an email. Sometimes, there are no contacts at all to contact sellers. 

Craigslist needs a major overhaul of their communication system and perhaps their own built in system, that does not rely on outside means, like phone number and emails. 


Overall, Craigslist is a great buying and selling site. Their communication and spam moderation system is woefully inadequate, and should be overhauled.


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