Is the balance right?


Hi Paul/Brad and co

A few weeks before the recent change to, I dropped down from a Premium user, to a Standard. The reasons were nothing to do with any concerns on quality, but was purely budgetary for me. Since the recent change to the site, with Paul writing mostly Premium articles, I worry that the number of articles I can read on the site is now minimal.

Currently on the Homepage (28/11/17) I can see 18 article, and 10 of those are Premium, with 8 of the most recent 9 being Premium. None of which I can access. I can’t help feel the balance towards Premium has shifted too much towards a paywall.

Now, you (or others) could justifiably suggest I just pay up to get access, and it would be hard to counter that as I genuinely understand you guys need to earn your living, and you don’t owe me (or anyone) free content.

However, I wonder if there is a middle ground somewhere?

Just a thought and am interested in your thoughts.


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