Too many notifications..


Great with the new notification system, but I would love a small improvement 🙂

Today I had 38 notifications since my last visit, simply because I replied to two stories. In the perfect world, that would be 2 notifications like “Multiple people has commented on this story you follow” (with the title of the story).

Now it has become useless because it’s just a long list of “xxx has commented on a post you’re following.” and in case 37 notifications are on one post and the last on another, it’s impossible to find the odd one.

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  1. Tina

    Thanks Hougaard!

    Definitely great feedback, you are right and this is definitely in the works. We are agile here and make decisions to push things out to get it into the hands of our readers and get feedback like yours b4 having all the functionality in place... It means we take hits sometimes but that's cool.... we like to get it in market and optimize.

    It's definitely supposed to aggregate... not list every single one notification.

    Stay tuned. We are continuously working towards an optimized experience.

    • unfalln

      In reply to Tina:

      To add to the voice, I would definitely like to see it aggregate notifications, especially if it aggregated based on the list to which Brad referred in settings i.e. "x people responded to the blog post you're following/your comment/your forum post". Keep up the good work!

      • Tina

        In reply to unfalln:

        Thanks, Unfalln! Just was working with dev on this today. It's on it's way -- including adding the name of the post or comment in reference. :-) Stay Tuned.

  2. Brad Sams

    We pushed a bug fix late last week that fixed an issue where if you made a comment it subscribed you to the entire thread instead of only your comment thread.

    My gut makes me think that you are subscribed to the entire thread prior to our bug fix rollout, if you click the bell icon, go to settings, and look at your subscriptions for blog posts/forums, turn off any that you do not want to receive notifications for going forward.

    I believe this should fix the issues that filled your notification window; if not, we will continue to poke around and see what is driving the unnessary flags.