VPN no your a spam bot


It’s interesting how when trying to view this site thru PIA vpn services your considered a spam bot, and therefore blacklisted from ever gaining entry to this site. Oh well….

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  1. BigM72

    similar happens with other VPN services

  2. Paul Thurrott

    If you have a technical support question or request, please email [email protected] Thanks!

  3. terry jones

    I've had no problems using expressvpn.

    (Plus it works with Netflix)

  4. lvthunder

    A spammer was probably using that VPN server to spam this site.

  5. Brad Sams

    One of the downsides of a VPN, which I generally support as a user, is that spammers can use them to bypass blocks.

    We ban lots of spammers but then they use a VPN to bypass it, that gets blocked as well...it's a tough cat and mouse game.

  6. thea2_

    Not a tech question just a observation, but does your field guide explain how to set up vpns in windows 10 per app or browser instead of across the whole OS?

    • evox81

      In reply to thea2_:

      Considering that's an application question, specifically an application that doesn't come with Windows, I'm wondering why that would be in a Windows guide.

  7. thea2_

    But here is a kicker use firefox same vpn same address, and I pass by the spambot filter.

  8. EricWhite12

    It's common because a lot of users use VPNs for spamming etc so many of these IPs are blacklisted.