What Apps do you use every day?


Curious what everyone uses each day…can be phone or pc.

For me:

Newton Mail, Firefox, Premier Pro, Snapchat, Skype, Spotify, Steam, Todoist, Instgram and occasionally Facebook.

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    In no particular order.

    PC: Chrome, Word, Excel, Access, InDesign, Acrobat, Illustrator, NextGen Reader, News, Facebook Messenger, Lastpass, Twitter

    iPhone: Facebook, Apple Music, Overcast, Twitter, Outlook, Lastpass, Reeder, Instagram, Wunderground.

    I also occasionally use Google Maps when traveling.

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    Facebook (PC and phone), Tweetbot (iOS), Pocket Casts (iOS), ToDoIst, Outlook (iOS and PC), Edge (PC), Safari (iOS), Dark Sky (iOS), Microsoft Teams (iOS & PC), Signal (iOS), Fantastical (Calendar, iOS), Bring! (grocery list, iOS and Google Home), Google Inbox, Notepad, Connectwise Manage (ticket management for my job), Connectwise Automate (remote management/access to PCs for my job).

    Oh, and the Nintendo Switch app to check how I did on Splatoon.

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    On a daily basis...

    On my PC -

    Visual Studio, Outlook, Word, Excel, OneNote, Live Home 3D Pro, Notepad, Post-it Notes, Skype, Edge

    On my Windows Phone -

    WhatsApp, News, Mail, Calendar, Edge, Natwest Banking App, Camera, Photos, Skype, Pin-It

    I have many more installed, but don't use them on a daily basis, or rarely use them at all.

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    Apps? What's the difference between Apps and Software?

    OK. I'll play.

    For work:

    Excel, Word, Outlook, Internet Explorer, Snagit, Treesize Pro, Nitro PDF/Adobe Acrobat, Chrome (Relativity, DISCO, SHAREFILE, LinkedIN, Facebook)

    For home:

    Chrome Browser (Feedly, Twitter, Inbox by Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Youtube TV, Youtube, Hangouts, Allo, Google Play Music, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram), DaVinci Resolve

    For phone:

    All of the above. However on a daily basis, everything listed in "For home" except for DaVinci Resolve.

    Also for home and phone, The Google Assistant.

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    Work: Chrome, Edge, Outlook, Excel, Notepad, Snip-It, Paint, Active Directory Users & Groups, Remote Desktop Connection

    Home: Chrome

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    Bob Shutts

    Word, protonmail, QuickBooks, Google Sheets.

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    Phone: Outlook, the resident browser (Edge/Chrome/Safari depending on mobe), device controllers like Alexa, Harmony and Grace for media management. I'm not big on social stuff, so I'm in Twitter or Facebook only occasionally. I don't use the cameras daily, but they get used a lot compared to other things on the phones that I never open.

    PC: Browser (Firefox mostly, but Chrome and Edge sometimes), Outlook, Excel, OneNote, Photos, Notepad (or some similar app), NYTimes crossword.

    That's the daily stuff. Less frequently but still a few times a week I use apps that support inking -- sketching, annotation, fast flagging and so forth. When things go sideways I spend some time in PowerShell or a simple Command Prompt window

    This seems kind of dull and limited now that I look at the list. These devices are capable of way more than I ask of them.

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    Desktop: Edge, Excel, OneNote, Tweeten, Skype, Steam, Visual Studio 2017, Slack, Spotify, Mail & Calendar, Wunderlist, NextGen Reader

    Laptop: OneNote (UWP), Edge, Tweeten, Skype, Visual Studio 2017, Mail, Ink Calendar, Slack, Spotify, Wunderlist, NextGen Reader, Drawboard

    iPhone: iMessage, Overcast, Wunderlist, Outlook Mobile, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, Skype, OneNote, Feedly, Productive, narwhal, Slack, Google Maps

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    Firefox, itunes, Word, Visual Studio, Steam, Outlook, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

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    Work? Daily: Excel and Outlook, Firefox, IE for a few intranet apps, GNU R and RStudio, Notepad++, VLC (portable). More than once a week: Beyond Compare, 7Zip, Paint (for cropping and annotating screenshots), Foxit Reader, ReText.

    Leisure? I don't use Windows.

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    PC-Visual Studio, Outlook, OneNote, Notepad++, Firefox, Chrome, Edge (I have different accounts in each browser), Synergy,Diarium

    Mobile-Nine, Outlook, Samsung Focus (I have to many Email solutions, I'm trying to setting on just one) OneNote, Audible, Overdrive (For Library Ebooks and Audiobooks), Chrome, Onedrive, Skype, Diarium, Twitter

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    On Phone :

    Regularly : Skype, Messenger, Twitter Lite, Pocket Cast, Banking Apps, MS Authenticator, Chrome

    Lightly: Instagram, Snapchat,

    Background : Onedrive, Darksky, Cortana

    PC :

    Chrome on main PC and FF on laptop, Skype, Slack, Visual Studio and VS Code, Notepad++, Postman, Adobe Creative Suite, Games, Built in Mail app (mainly for notifications, prefer using outlook.com beta).

    I don't use the desktop office suite, I mainly use Office Online as my documents are always in either my Onedrive or company sharepoint.

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    OneNote addict here. Also more or less daily: Firefox, Outlook, Spotify, KeePass, Word, REAPER, Adobe apps, Blender and Steam.

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    PC: Edge/Chrome, MS Office (Outlook, 1Note, Excel, Word), Visual Studio, SQL Server, TightVNC, Power ISO, HyperV, Skype 4 Business

    Phone: Chrome, WhatsApp, iMessage, 1Note, Google Maps, FB, Twitter, Instagram, OneDrive, LinkedIn, CheckMyTrip, Uber, Zello, Netflix, News App, Amazon.

    I've made apps in bold which are important and or frequently used.

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    Firefox, Thunderbird w/Gmail, Snipping tool, Wordpad.

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    Chrome and Safari giving way to Firefox, Spotify, iMessage, OneNote (various versions), Word (various versions), Dropbox, Visual Studio, World of Warcraft, Star Trek Online.

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    Chrome, Firefox, Twitter, Spotify, MusixMatch, Instagram UWP, Mail, Discord, Steam, Word 2016, OneNote UWP, D3Dgear (fantastic game recording software), Photos (lol), SoundByte (great soundcloud client), MyTube and Unstream (for watching long videos using Compact Overlay), occasionally: Photoshop, Premiere Pro (looking to move to DaVinci Resolve), Movie Maker (yes), Dropbox UWP.

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    Waze, K9, blueMail, msOutlook, prayerbook , Pandora, PaleMoon, Brave.

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    Martin Pelletier

    Mail, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Steam, Edge, Start10, Fence, Stardock Tiles, VS Studio, Delphi

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    Great question

    Outlook on W10 & /or Android, Gmail, Edge, Chrome, Messages on Android Verizon(texting), SwiftKey, Word on whatever platform, QuickBooks, Camera on Android, Photos Android, Microsoft Launcher

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