What is it with all the Goes lately?


Am I the only one getting a little bit tired of the word Go frequently being used in tech products? Surface Go. Pokemon Let’s Go (not to be confused with Pokemon Go). Both Android Go and Google Go (which should not be confused with Google’s Go language). “Previously used product name Go” is becomming a trend.

It’s like “The Girl with the blankety blank” thing the book industry had a few years back.

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  1. spacein_vader

    It's not a new thing, within tech or any other industry. A few years ago there a lot of devices were called iSomething. Before that there was a lot of software with XP in the title.

  2. Tony Barrett

    It's just a cycle, and companies trying to pick 'cool' sounding names that they think will relate to people. They generally don't - people aren't stupid (well, not all!).

  3. illuminated

    "Go" is the new and short fashionable word meaning "mobile" and implying something quick. It may live longer than some other fad words but we will see.

  4. Jhambi

    According to Wikipedia Go-Gurt is known as Yoplait Tubes in Canada.

  5. harmjr

    How about "Cloud" or "AI"


    You forgot the new Oculus Go...

    Which I think is hilarious, because with the headset on, if you try to "Go" you'll trip over the coffee table in front of you.

  7. ErichK

    Not tired of it yet personally, but I wonder when we'll eventually run out of words or if they'll have to start over from the beginning and recycle everything that's already been used.

    Seems like more cars these days are named "CX800" or something like that as opposed to names of actual things, or semi-things (whatever the heck an "Integra" or "LeBaron" is).

  8. BigM72

    We have something similar with "One" as well I feel.

    OneNote, OneDrive, Xbox One, Google One, HTC One, Android One,

  9. Slvrgun

    It’s better than COD every year

  10. pderosa

    Branding is a trash fire lately.

    Xbox One is a terrible name because it implies it is the first one, but you can at least distinguish it from the other consoles. Xbox is a different character sequence than Xbox One and you can always say "The first xbox."

    I think the worst branding is actually Apple's. For laptops we have the MacBook, MacBook Pro, and Macbook Air. The air is the thickest now and the most out of date. That's confusing. The absolute worst is the iPad branding. I am ignoring the iPad Air, Mini, and Pro here. These are the names of the main line iPads in sequence as far as I know.


    iPad 2

    iPad Retina




    They might think reusing the same name makes it seem simple. Part of me wonders though if there is some urge there to deny that the previous products exist and that anything was ever worse than it is now.

    • ErichK

      In reply to pderosa:

      Agreed regarding the iPad confusion ... when I was in the market to buy a used one just recently, it took considerable effort to understand that particular product's history.

    • Angusmatheson

      In reply to pderosa:

      What is weird about the iPad - is that the iPhone has a different name for each one that comes out. So they directly chose to go against that model when the iPad just became the iPad.1

  11. Bats

    HBO GO

  12. Jackwagon

    Brand trends have been a thing since brands have been a thing, I'd imagine. SNES games having "Super" in their names, Microsoft shoehorning "X" into their product names, etc. I know some 3DS games at least tried to be more subtle about slipping references to 3D in there (e.g. "Dream Drop Distance" having 3 D-words).