What time is it on this Site


I came on the site at 21:39 PDT (Sat) and the site told me there was no content Thurrott Now and that date was Sunday 09/10. I am on the U.S. West Coast.

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  1. Oasis

    I just went to Thurrott Now ans clicked on the calendar because I thought the site would reject me if I clicked on the main title and it showed the date as 9/9/17 as it should be, something in rotten in Denmark. So, the site doesn't know what day it is. But only in some places. Edit: Using Firefox on Windows 7Pro.

    • anchovylover

      In reply to Oasis:

      That's interesting Oasis. I've been having a similar issue with MSPU this past week. Several times the site has had " no content available ". It has never happened before now and as such just put it down to a temporary glitch. I'm in Australia and using Chrome.