What We Use – Late Jan 2022


What does everyone here use, for late January 2022?


Smartphone: Google Pixel 4a 5G, excellent phone still, battery life still holding up


2018 Razer Blade 15 Base, excellent processor, display and decent graphics. The keyboard is atrocious


2018 Dell XPS 8930, with i7-8700, 16gb RAM and a GeForce GTX 1060

Home Automation:

Amazon Alexa with Philip Hue lightbulbs throughout house.

Also a Furbo for my cats! They actually come running when it tosses out a treat. It’s quite a spectacle!



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  1. usman


    Primarily using a S21 Ultra and using the Fold 3 as like a mini-tablet. If the Fold 3 front screen was like the Oppo find N then it would be my primary device.


    Surface Book 2 15 inch.

    On my 3rd replacement, the warranty has expired and it's at the stage where image retention is becoming more frequent. Honestly, surface hardware from my experience isn't reliable. My next laptop will likely be a laptop with better repairability.


    Custom-built PC in summer 2015 with Intel 5960x 8 core processor, 32 GB RAM, and an RTX 3070 Founder Edition

    Home Automation:


  2. matsan


    iPhone 12 mini

    iPad Pro (10,5" 2017 version)


    2019 Intel MBP 16", still on Big Sur

    Acer Chromebook 314



    Home Automation:

    Home Assistant with Shelly and ESPhome hardware

  3. arjay

    Smartphone: Apple 12 mini (after a battle with the 8 Plus size and weight).

    Laptop: Apple Air M1

    Desktop: (1) Apple Mini M1, and (2) Dell Optiplex 990 (which will be retired without replacement when Win 10 expires).

    Home automation: Ring doorbells front and back

  4. Daishi

    Smartphone: iPhone XS. Unfortunately only 64gb, but it was on sale two years ago when I needed a new, fully functional phone for working from home purposes.

    Laptop: Yoga 730 15. i5U 16gb 512gb 1050.

    Currently contemplating how committed to repairability I am and whether it’s worth spending 40% of what I spent on the whole machine to get one of the hinges fixed or if …

    Desktop: Yoga 730 15.

    Home automation: N/A

    Tablet: Galaxy Tab S 8.4. It’s ancient. It’s stuck on Android 6. It was free. And it’s fine for the consumption purposes I use it for.

  5. wmurd118

    iPhone X, iPad Air, iPad mini, Dell Inspiron 15 w/Win 11, Echo dot & show

  6. thejoefin

    iPhone 13 Mini

    Surface Laptop 3

    Surface Go 2

    Custom built desktop - i7 7700k 960GTX

    Needs an upgrade, but is working fine for now

    No smart speakers, just 2 Sonos

  7. wright_is

    iPhone 13 Pro

    iPad Air

    HP Spectre X360 (2016, running Windows 10)

    Ryzen 1700 desktop PC - from Amazon from a "no-name" reseller, very well built and quit, 2017 model, 3 x 512MB SSD, 1 x 2TB HDD, running SUSE Linux

    Mac mini M1

    I also have 2 Raspberry Pi 3s doing light server work (E.g. PiHole) and a Raspberry Pi 400 running Ubuntu, and an old, 2010, Sony Vaio Core i7 (no generation number, the original version) running Mint Linux.

    The Pi 400 and the Vaio are currently in the cupboard, but get pulled out for experiments and testing. The Ryzen still gets used, but it too power hungry these days, I tend to mainly use the Mac mini M1, even if, a year ago, I was suggesting people wait for the second generation, after having been caught out by buying a first generation Intel iMac, which Apple dropped after a relatively short period of time-

  8. peterc


    iphone 12

    ipad pro 11"


    Just sold my Oneplus 9 pro, looking at new android handset

    Surface Laptop 4 15"

    Lenovo Legion C530 cube desktop

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