Word Perfect!


I just felt like you guys needed this in your life. Is it just me or have we still not found a solution to all of these problems?

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  1. lwetzel

    Well I don't see them all solved. Whatever happened to paperless office also?

    • christian.hvid

      In reply to lwetzel:

      Most offices I've spent time in over the last few years have almost completely moved away from paper (although I'll admit that I've never visited an office in the US). File cabinets disappeared fifteen years ago, and the office bookshelves that remain are mostly filled with ancient stuff that nobody has bothered to throw out.

      Of course, things in the digital office are still lost, forgotten, misunderstood and mismanaged, but at least we're able to make a mess without killing trees.

  2. martinusv2

    I did work on this one in DOS. :)


    SHIFT-F7 for printing with a dot matrix printer. That was loud as hell at the time ;)

  3. skane2600

    WordPerfect invented the file system?

  4. jimchamplin

    Yeah yeah, but what about Nerd Perfect!?



  5. StevenLayton

    Word Perfect? Obi-wan sums this up nicely.


    (Why doesn't my link work?)

  6. jwpear

    Definitely a cool ad. Is it just me or did the computer/software ads back in the 80s seem bold? Where do I send my money? Seems like you can do anything!

    My favorite word processor apps back in the day were PFS First Choice and later Ami Pro. PFS First Choice was great on my 286 with DOS. I was blown away by Ami Pro on my 386 with Windows. Wrote lots of school papers with those. It was sometime around '95 or so before I saw the writing on the wall and made the switch to Word.

  7. Paul Thurrott


    I remember years later when WordPerfect added document-wide font change preview as you moused over fonts in the menu list. And I was like, this will be in the next version of Microsoft Office. And ... of course it was.