Opera VPN Pro beta for Android is now available

Opera is going to offer a device-wide VPN in its Opera Browser for Android:

Standalone VPN applications require users to take additional steps to install the app, register an account, and so on. But Opera’s goal has always been to keep online security simple & easy. With Opera VPN Pro, existing Opera users can easily subscribe using their Opera sync accounts, without the need to download another app or create another account. Everything is integrated, as it should be. VPN Pro provides improved security to the entire device and can protect up to 6 different Android devices within one subscription. User data stays safer thanks to a wall of next-generation encryption, no matter what application is used.

Just like Opera’s free VPN, VPN Pro is a no-log service. It also offers access to 3000+ private network servers in over 30 virtual locations around the world, allowing users to stream videos, download files and browse the web securely and safely with a speedy VPN connection and unlimited bandwidth for their Android devices. There is no need to sacrifice speed for better security, since VPN Pro gives access to high-speed servers, so users can browse faster than ever. Additionally, users can run in data-saving mode alongside VPN Pro, to ensure they never go overboard on their data. The early bird beta pricing options vary from $1.99 to $2.99 per month (depending on the duration of the subscription) of VPN protection, making Opera VPN Pro one of the safest and competitively priced solutions on the market.

VPN Pro can be used on Android 6.0 and higher, by installing Opera for Android Beta, version 68.2. To enhance device security and safety, users can subscribe to Opera VPN Pro directly inside Opera Browser on Android (beta), following 5 simple steps: download the latest version of Opera for Android beta; upgrade to VPN Pro in the menu; choose the type of subscription; follow the payment steps through Google Play Store; enjoy a seamless and protected connection to the web!


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