Chocolatey – a Win32 package manager


Not finding your favorite apps in Windows/Microsoft Store? There is a way for home users to install/update Win32 apps just as Store apps. One-click install of thousands of Win32 apps. The solution is called Chocolatey:

It’s not perfect, but it’s great. For starters there is no graphical installer. You have to bring up the command prompt and install chocolatey. After that I rebooted and installed the GUI package, chocolateygui. Installing Chocolatey isn’t difficult, but it would be simpler with an ordinary installer.

Once you have Chocolatey GUI up and running it’s smooth sailing. Ok, to be honest the search functionality isn’t the best. Pretty much everything I use is in here. Even MS Office, but it requires a license of course. I installed MarkdownPad 2 and it installed without a hitch only asking me to select the correct language.

If you are like me with 40+ Win32 apps, then I recommend you to try Chocolatey before you get old. You may save yourself a whole lot of time.

Searching for Google:

Searching for markdown:

MarkdownPad 2 has been installed and it works like you would expect. No sorcery or special libs necessary:

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