Chromium coming to the Windows Store is completely unavoidable (PWA’s)

If EdgeHTML is no longer being developed, all the PWA’s in the Store are going to HAVE to run on Chromium, the web moves too fast, they cant leave PWA’s running on old unmaintained, incompatible, buggy versions of EdgeHTML.

I have no idea why they didn’t mention this in the announcement post, it’s not a bad thing at all, if anything it’s a good thing because all of the PWA’s in the Store are going to get a bit of an upgrade over night (once they switch to Chromium). Also, the YouTube app for the Xbox will get a big upgrade once it switches to Chromium. At the moment, it runs on EdgeHTML and as we all know, EdgeHTML and YouTube do not work well together at all

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  • Bdsrev

    09 December, 2018 - 3:00 pm

    <p>(there was some people on twitter and reddit claiming that Chromium would not be allowed in the Windows Store, which is insane)</p>

  • longhorn

    Premium Member
    09 December, 2018 - 5:42 pm

    <p>Chromium isn't currently a WinRT/UWP/Desktop Bridge app so it isn't allowed in the Store.</p><p><br></p>


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