How to stop window 10 auto update problem permanently?


How to stop window 10 auto update problem permanently?

When I was buy window 10 HP laptop then I can not know that I also buy a one of the biggest problem that is auto update problem. I starting when I start my system, So I had to deal with this problem. But now I have a solution to stop them for few time period. I want to share a little bit or say temporary solution with all of those candidates who have same problem.

Follow these steps to close your window 10 auto update problem

Press window+R.

Enter services.msc

scroll down and double click on window update and stop them.

Hope this method help you to close your window 10 auto update problem. If you have any query then please comment.

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  1. jimchamplin

    Use Linux.

    Seriously, the entire idea of disabling updates is pure lunacy.

  2. Lordbaal

    Use active hours. It will download the update, but not install it.

  3. bluvg

    Another interesting behavior I stumbled upon:

    • Open Notepad and type some text, but don't save it
    • When Windows tries to shutdown to install updates, it will produce several dialog boxes that it can't shutdown because of Notepad
    • You can just leave Notepad open and unsaved until you're ready to reboot
  4. madthinus

    Honestly, I find the complaining about updates tiresome. You know when they are being release, every second Tuesday of the month. You know when feature updates are coming. You can pretty much plan and trigger them when you want them. In 1903 this issue has been solved. So please, sure, turn off the updates if you please, but understand it is not a good decision nor is it needed.

    • illuminated

      In reply to madthinus:

      Agree that there is too much whining going on. I have an android tablet that is supposedly awesome but if I turn it on after couple of weeks I get so many updates that I cannot use it 10 or more minutes. Sometimes it wants to reboot, sometimes it does not. Updates are everywhere. Every software developer pushes their software updates all the time.

    • ghostrider

      In reply to madthinus:

      Really? MS are releasing Win10 out-of-band updates pretty much continuously - it's not just patch Tuesday anymore. The main reason is because the updates are so buggy now, they need to release other updates to try and fix them - but those updates are breaking other things in the process. Believe me, the issues with 1903 are far from over - it's been a disaster. The 'quality' of WIndows updates right now are pretty low - but now everyone running 1903 can look forward to 19H2, and see what new problems that brings.

    • waethorn

      In reply to madthinus:

      No they're not. There is no Patch Tuesday anymore. They're released when they're released. Microsoft threw the structured schedule out the window.

      • madthinus

        In reply to Waethorn:

        Only the updates on Patch Tuesday are required. The other come through as optional updates and is rolled into the next patch Tuesday. Most of them you will not see, unless you check for updates manually. If you are in a business, there is plenty of tools available to manage these. If you are a home user, you too have choices between delay, pause and scheduling active hours.

        We live in a world where we are connected and vulnerabilities spread quick and fast. You can have this guys approach, turn it off and stick you head in the sand, or you get yourself informed, and you become proactive about the updates. You reading this site tell me you get your information proactively. So please, enough already. This notion of "Surprise, here is an update, and here is an update, and here is an update" is non-sense. The amount of times that Microsoft rolls out an out of bound critical update that trigger an restart is a handful.

        Maybe I am just super proactive about updates. I manually check after 20:00 on patch Tuesday for my updates, I trigger my Office ones thereafter. I am then patched. I then don't worry about it and I have never had a weird issue. So mileage may vary.

  5. Winner

    1 - MacOS

    2 - Linux

  6. StevenLayton

    I'm not sure if that post is supposed to be a joke or not.

    If not a joke, your other option might be to just not connect to the Internet ever again. That'll stop those pesky updates.

  7. garethb

    OK, now install several pieces of Anti-malware tools and some over-zealous anti-virus to try to prevent infections.

    ...oh, and make a Ghost image so you can get a working machine back once you get totally pwned.

    After all, there's nothing like living in the 90's!

  8. anderb

    Step 1: Buy Windows 8.1 dvd from ebay.

    Step 2: Install over Windows 10.

    Step 3: Forget about Windows 10 until January 2023.