Installed Windows 11 on Main Desktop!


Yesterday, I installed Windows 11 on my main desktop.

It is actually not so bad, and a cleaner experience than Windows 10.

Annoyances so far:

1. Start menu needs improvements.

2. Taskbar needs task manager right click shortcut back asap.

3. Centered taskbar icons are quite difficult to get accustomed to. I changed it back to left side immediately.

4. UI is still inconsistent. Example, Vista theme still exists in disk management.

Overall, Windows 11 is just fine. It definitely needs some refinements!



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  1. lwetzel

    Try Start11 from Stardock. Believe it solves 1,2, and 3.

    I am not related or being paid by Brad or Stardock. Have been a fan of Stardock Utilities for longer than Brad has been alive (I think).

  2. erichk

    I've been running Windows 11 since November on both my main gaming rig and my laptop. I've been pretty happy, since for me upgrading to a new version of Windows is usually a zero sum game. It usually magically solves some issues that I have, but then introduces new ones. But overall it's been nice. And yes, I run Start11 as well. Worth every penny.

    • lwetzel

      Have had Windows 11 on a Surface Pro 4, a Brand new HP desktop, and a Raspberry Pi 4 8Gig. Very excited about how well it is doing on the rPi4. Very pleased with how it runs on all machines actually. Like the interface and frankly don't have problems with the changes they have made. I was a heavy user of the taskbar in 10 and before. Pinned folders, etc. I have adjusted easily and the Start menu easily also. Start11 is great, I like the configuration options it provides and I use that on my main machine mainly because I have used Start8 and 10. But the other machines are just stock Start menu. No problems going back and forth.

    • wright_is

      Unfortunately that isn't an option for a lot of users on corporate machines, the company often won't invest in such software and you aren't allowed to buy and install your own software on their hardware... (Not that you would have the admin privileges to do so anyway.)

  3. arnstarr

    Task manager is available with a right click of Start

  4. mgreatrex

    I took the plunge and installed Windows 11 on my laptop yesterday.

    After getting a bit frustrated with a linux distro ive been trying to make work for a a while, i decided to just go back and try windows 11 again. (Ive been playing with windows 11 on a test machine for a little while)

    Everything was great with linux but when updating this distro nothing seemed to be happening and there was no indication of progress and i got impatient.

    I dont do very much thats demanding on the laptop. Zoom, office, emails, web browsing, light photo editing. Lets see how windows 11 goes. So far so good.

  5. christianwilson

    I've been liking Windows 11. Come to think of it, all of the PCs I use regularly are Windows 11 now.

    The Start Menu is funny. I can see why people don't like it but I've used Start as nothing more than a trigger to start a search query for years. I barely notice the menu itself.

    Muscle memory makes getting to Task Manager annoying but I've been training myself to right click the Start button to get to it.

    I think the taskbar icons in the middle haven't bothered me because I'm used to macOS but that's definitely something I can understand wanting to change.

  6. polloloco51

    Update 3/24/2022

    After using Windows 11 for about a month. I am thinking of rolling back to Windows 10.

    1. Reliability issues, freezing on the desktop, display driver crashing. General Microsoft account sign in problems.

    2. Gaming seems slightly worse with Windows 11. The FPS approximately 5% less in some games.

    3. Overall experience has been abysmal and below good. The start menu is awful.


    I would not recommend Windows 11 over Windows 10. Unless it's preinstalled on a new machine

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