Installing Windows 95


22 years ago, in an age of huge desktops, and thick laptops, Windows 95 came out. It was a truly revolutionary Microsoft OS, in that it introduced the desktop with the start menu. It made using Windows, so much better, especially from Windows 3.1!

Today I decided to resurrect an old 1996 Dell XPS P200S, and install Windows 95. It was actually pretty easy, almost as easy as Windows 10. I did notice some similarities, 22 years later.

First, I stuck in the boot disk, and booted Windows 95 right up.

It then went to formatting the hard drive, to install Windows 95. This went relatively quickly.

Then, it went into the Windows 95 setup screen. It is a pretty looking splash screen!

After that, I went through the process of inserting the license key.

I agreed to the license agreement

Now, it began copying the files for Windows 95

Windows need to restart

Now, getting Windows 95 ready for the first time. Just like Windows 10 does with the changing colors :).

Windows 95 boots up now.

Finally, on the Windows 95 desktop greeted by the Welcome Screen!

In the end, I still have to scour the internet for drivers, for the old Matrox video card. I have to say, going back 22 years and installing Windows 95. It wasn’t a bad experience! It brought back many memories of the old days of Windows!

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