Life Beyond Windows


If you had to switch to a Windows alternative right now?


What would you switch to or install? Either Linux Distros or other systems?


Ubuntu on my main machine, using Microsoft apps online.


ThinkPad T470, with either Debian, Ubuntu or Elementary OS. Still utilizing online Microsoft apps

Chromebook for casual use and secure banking.


My main machine along with a PlayStation

I feel I could live without Windows just fine. It is really not the only operating system in existence. It is certainly not 1998 anymore, with all the choices.


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8 responses to “Life Beyond Windows”

  1. lvthunder

    Why would I be forced off of Windows? You could live without a computer just fine as well.

    • miamimauler

      "Why would I be forced off of Windows"

      He's asking a hypothetical. He isn't stating it's going to happen...geez!

  2. erichk

    I have three machines at home that run Linux, but if I really wanted to switch away from Windows I would probably choose Mac. Might not be as strong in the gaming department, but it has enough to get by, and it runs the music production apps I want.

  3. simont

    I could do a lot of my stuff on an iPad. But I would stay with a PC for using VirtualBox, etc.

  4. adlton

    It would be MacOS. I need Adobe Photoshop and MS Office at least. I do not really game so I think I would probably get by on Mac in that regard.

  5. navarac

    My Life Beyond Windows (10). Linux. Works just fine and suits me (if not others, of course).

  6. jimchamplin

    Linux on PCs, a Switch for games.

  7. spacein_vader

    I dual boot Manjaro, use that for everything except games which don't work on Proton.

    My home server runs Ubuntu.