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When I first started work on Appy Text last year it was with the intention to create for myself an environment to encourage me to write more. Since it finally launched around six weeks ago, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing at If you’re interested in design commentary on Microsoft’s products + services, as well as an indie developer’s take on building modern apps for Windows, then I encourage you to check it out. Here are a few recent posts that you can start off with (a couple of which counter Brad and Paul):

The Surface Mobile – 2017’s 2007 iPhone?

“Drag and Drop. Really? It’s Freaking Drag and Drop!”

To: Windows Phone Developers

Tablet Mode on Windows: When Courage ? Makes Way For Pragmatism ?

RE: Thinking About the Fluent Design System

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  1. ErichK

    Bookmarked it. :-)

  2. AliMaggs

    Bookmarked too :). Look forward to reading more.

    • AliMaggs

      In reply to AliMaggs:

      And, forgot to say, downloaded Appy Text a couple of weeks back and loving it. It is part of my daily workflow now. So thanks!

      • Bardi Golriz

        In reply to AliMaggs:

        Thanks Ali. Glad it's made it into your daily workflow - I am sincerely privileged whenever a user says this and I know with it comes a lot of responsibility from my end to keep making it better but without compromising on its reliability ever.