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What are people using now to read PDFs?

I want to be able to BOOKMARK within the PDF. Microsoft Reader is a nice little app but it apparently is being deprecated in Feb 2018. Edge: please: no bookmark capability anyway. I am leery about FREE so I don’t mind paying for something.

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  1. xperiencewindows

    What's wrong with Acrobat Reader?

  2. anchovylover

    I just use Mozilla Reader. It works well in both Chrome and Firefox.

  3. XlibertyX

    PDF-XChange Viewer (free) -- allows document annotation including the use of "rubber" stamps for signatures, etc. You can fill out a PDF form and email it in no time.

    For merging or splitting docs, PDF TK Builder works great (free).

  4. hrlngrv

    Foxit Reader. It has bookmarks. FWIW, for me it's worked best copying tabular text to paste into other programs.

  5. Paul Thurrott

    I have kind of just drifted into using a web browser for this: Edge and Chrome both work well as PDF readers, and it's one less thing to install. If you have specific needs, as it appears you do, you may need to use a dedicated PDF app.

  6. TheJoeFin

    On Windows 10 there is an amazing UWP app called Drawboard. It is not free, but it is the default reader on my laptop and desktop. Works great with touch, pen, and mouse. I highly recommend it.