Reactivating Windows 10 after a hardware change.


Old PC burned down and i builded new on but is there any way to reactivate Win10 after hardware change or do i need to buy new win10 license cose i cant reactivate it

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  1. epguy40

    try the phone activation method. that usually works as a last resort. clearly explain your situation and an MS rep should give you a new key to reactivate the edition of win10 you were using.

  2. SRLRacing

    Phone activation is your best shot but if too much has changed they might deem it to be a new PC and require you to purchase a new license.

  3. John Scott

    Always had good luck with phone, and some Bios let you clear out secure boot settings and somehow that fixes license activation for me a couple times. Ed Bott claims any old Windows license can be used if Windows 10 ask for one. I actually did this for a desktop PC that had no OS. I just used a Windows 7 retail key that was actually not being used and it activated Win 10 perfectly.