Rest in Peace Windows Vista!!!


Today, extended support for Windows Vista has officially ended, for whoever is still using it.

Windows Vista was an ambitious and advanced operating system, that took many years to be developed. Many of the technologies and the foundation in Vista, eventually evolved into what we have today, Windows 10.

Rest in Peace!

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  1. polloloco51

    Here is a brief history of Vista

    Build 4015

    Build 4033

    Build 4050

    Build 4058

    Release Candidate 1

  2. ErichK

    Ah, the good ol' days. I purchased Vista Ultimate to install on the first PC I ever assembled myself, a Core 2 Duo gaming rig with 2 GB of RAM. I seem to remember having, for the most part, a pleasurable experience with the OS, performance too, although I was told once that had I installed it on anything less, the opposite would have been the case. Gaming was fine, but I had an 8600 GTS card at the time, and some games started to struggle until I upgraded the GPU.

  3. jimchamplin

    I recently pulled out an old box with the intention of Hackintoshing it for a friend who's old Mac Pro bit the dust (bad caps) and found that it had Vista on it still.

    While there was nothing technically wrong with it, and I was a Vista defender for a number of years, I couldn't shake the feeling that it was dragging for some reason.

    Then there's the general unfinishedness of Vista. From that crappy black background behind maximized Aero titlebars, to that unusual bright green line in the window borders, to parts where it generally just looked like the graphics weren't done... It really felt like what it was: A rushed-out product after the collapse of the Longhorn project.

    Not bad in retrospect, but dude, they could have, I don't know... really taken another pass or two at Aero. It was so stinking gaudy.

  4. Oasis

    I have Vista Business on a Dell Vostro 410 w/a Q6600 quad-core, time to break out the Ubuntu...