Tutorial (Advanced) – How to enable a second visual style in Windows 10!


Windows 10 currently has one visual style, which is still called Aero! There is however, another visual style, carried over from Windows 8. It is called Aero Lite.

Aero Lite was originally in Windows 8. I am not entirely sure, what the purpose was of it. It still exists in Windows 10 today, but is just disabled.

Here are a few steps, on how to enable it.

1.   First step, go to Local Disk (C:), then the Windows folder, then Resources, and click on Themes. 

2.   Now, select the theme called Aero, and copy it to the desktop.  

3.   Then rename it to, aerolite.theme  

4.   Now, right click on “Aerolite.theme”, and open it with Notepad. Here you will just change the two things in the circles. The “DisplayName” to Aero Lite, and [Visual Styles] directory path from Aero.msstyles, to aerolite.msstyles. 

5.   Now, save and close the Notepad window. Then, double click on the theme that is now called, ‘Aerolite.theme’ on the desktop. You should have, what it looks like this! 

If you want to get your regular Windows 10 theme back you had before. Simply, just go to personalization in Settings, then themes, and select the theme you had previously. 

Note: If you look at the Aero Lite Theme, it is definitely unfinished or slightly broken. The start menu has a border around it, and the modern settings window, has the regular Windows 10 theme, rather than the Aero Lite version

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4 responses to “Tutorial (Advanced) – How to enable a second visual style in Windows 10!”

  1. jimchamplin

    Windows Server uses this as its default appearance.

  2. sam23duke

    Superb explanation and nicely presented! Even the new toggle is interesting and most awaited function.

  3. Illusive_Man

    This OS is so inconsistent and ugly.

  4. Tony Barrett

    Man, Windows 10 is just plain ugly - an insult to the eyes. AeroLite just doesn't help at all either. Those thick borders are just a travesty to UI design. Nothing much has changed in the last year either - I don't consider 'fluent design' having made much difference.

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