Tutorial – Make Windows 10 look like Windows 7!


Windows 7 was arguably one of the best Windows, Microsoft made. When it came out in 2009, it was fresh, fast and overall perfect. It ran on less memory, it was faster than Vista (especially booting), and introduced a lot of new features. Now Windows 10, is like the new Windows 7, its fast, sleek and modern.

If you miss the days of Windows 7, and want the look of it for nostalgia reasons. Here is a quick tutorial on how to make Windows 10, look like Windows 7.

  1. The background. You can get the Windows 7 background, very easily, just by Googling it. Just download it, and set as the desktop wallpaper! Just make sure the location of the wallpaper is reputable first. 
  2. The logon screen. You can get the login screen of Windows 7 also, by simply Googling or binging it! First download it, then right click and set at lock screen image. 
  3. Last but not least, colors! You can change the colors in Windows 10 to look like Windows 7, by going to settings > personalization > colors. Then, select automatically choose color based on wallpaper, and also show color on the titlebars, and start. 


Your computer now looks just like Windows 7! Enjoy đŸ˜€

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12 responses to “Tutorial – Make Windows 10 look like Windows 7!”

  1. SherlockHolmes

    Actually, it doesnt! Changing a OS´s wallpaper and colors doesnt make it look like another OS from the past. I really would love to have the look and feel from Windows 7 back because I havent used one of the new features the put in Windows 10 since it launched.

    • polloloco51

      In reply to SherlockHolmes:

      If you removed all the modern apps in Windows 10, and disregarded the modern settings. Windows 10 would be basically Windows 7, just more modern and considerably lighter in resources. Windows 7 was a great operating system in 2009 and still is, if maintained.

      Windows 10 is much snappier, faster to boot and everything else. I would never go back now! :)

      • hrlngrv

        In reply to polloloco51:

        If you want light resource use, run Windows 8.1. I have comparable Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 VMs each with an extra account running no extra services or processes. With only Task Manager running foreground, when CPU usage gets down to 2%, Windows 10 RAM usage is 1.1GB while Windows 8.1 RAM usage is 800MB.

        Windows 10 may be lighter on system resource use than Windows 7, but Windows 10 is a pig compared to Windows 8.1.

  2. hrlngrv

    Windows 7 ran in less memory than what? Vista using all the Aero Glass it could?

    For those of us who skipped Vista, Windows 7 required a huge increase in system resources compared to XP.

    • polloloco51

      In reply to hrlngrv:

      Windows 7 ran on less resources, on computers that were running Windows Vista at the time. If you had Windows XP, on a computer that was designed for Vista, it probably could run it fine. Of course, Windows 7 used more resources than XP, as it was a more modern operating system. If you had an XP era computer, and tried running Windows 7, like with a Pentium 4. That was a whole different story. A Core 2 Duo with 2 or 4GB of RAM, was sufficient in running Windows 7.

  3. Jules Wombat

    ummm well no it doesn't

  4. Piras

    Looks great, thanks man.

  5. moruobai

    Crazy Chicken you've got the retro computing bug.

    If I may, the above tutorial is off base. I wouldn't mess with the colors or the backgrounds or start menu add ons or even virtualization. The best way to do this IMO is run Windows 7 on the actual hardware it was designed for. Even some of the gaudy case designs from that era add to the experience!

    And then check out some LGR. Cheers!