Windows 10 "Back up using File History"


Even when I specify “Keep my backups Until space is needed”, the Windows 10 File History backup just fills up the backup disk and stops backing up. Silently.

Is this backup as broken as it appears?

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  1. abrarey

    I won't recommend using the File history at least for me has been unreliable.

    In theory, is very nice, you can restore files with just a right-click and look for different versions of the files. In my case, it worked fine for a while several weeks, I will say; my backup always goes to a NAS folder and for some reason, the backup was unable to find the drive, even though in Windows the drive was available. Sometimes, adding the drive on the tool fixed the problem but on some occasions had to reconfigure the whole thing and didn't recognize the history.

    my main concern is that the tool never mentioned that it had some issues, if I didn't check by myself I could have several weeks without any backup being done.

    I switched to Duplicati and is working great for a long time. It will take a little bit to learn about the options it has but it works pretty well is open-source and has a good community forum.

  2. nkhughes

    It's useless on my main laptop (1TB hard drive, almost full). Give it a week or so and it stops backing up until I notice and manually run it. It also keeps ignoring the folders I've added, such as AppData where Mozilla tends to save....well, application data. I've also had the same problem as you regarding recycling backup space when full.

    I've now moved the backup drive to another, eMMC-based laptop and so far that one is working fine. As I move more stuff from laptop 1 to 2 I expect things to go south.

    Both laptops are also syncing to OneDrive and I'm manually backing up across the network while I look for a better automated solution.

  3. wzeallor

    That's always been how it's worked unfortunately.

  4. winner

    Microsoft will have it fixed by the time Windows 15 comes out.

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