Windows 11 – January 2022


Has anyone here upgraded to Windows 11 yet?

I am still using Windows 10 across all of my machines. I really cannot see any compelling or justifiable reason to upgrade!

Windows 10 is stable and works perfectly.


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  1. snow.steve22

    The Windows 11 security drum-beat is starting. In the DEV channel, additional features are beginning to take shape. The one that caught my eye is "Core Isolation" which uses virtualization-based security to protect high-security processes. For now, mine is not working since all the drivers need to be aware of the requirements and one of mine is a little behind the times. Should be interesting to watch...

    • crp0908

      According to Michael Niehaus, Windows 11 has no new significant security features.

    • dftf

      You can do Core Isolation right-now in Windows 10; providing all your drivers are compatible, just double-click the "Windows Security" icon, next to where the time is to bring the Windows Security app up. Then in it, go to "Device Security" then click "Core isolation details". From the next screen, you can turn "Memory integrity" on.

      Unless you have a recent CPU, turning it on will incur a performance-hit though. I think the only difference in Windows 11 is that they are now considering shipping it "on" by default, on CPUs where there will be no-noticable performance-impact.

  2. justme

    Still on 10, no plans currently to change up. I will watch as development proceeds, and adjust my plans accordingly as required. I dont really see a need to move up. Of the devices in my household, only two meet the hardware compliance specs anyway, both of which are daily drivers.

    • dftf

      None of my personal machines currently do, but all perform fine for me. And given Windows 10 support will continue until at-least October 2025, no need for me to rush. Might as well look for a new machine nearer that time, than get one now.

      Another option is to install the Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 release -- support for that ends 9 Jan 2029!

  3. navarac

    "Upgraded to Windows 11" should read "downgraded to Windows 11" :-). I get the impression, especially with Pluton on the horizon, that Microsoft is in the process of stealing the "IBM/PC Compatible" for exclusive Windows use. I've gone to Linux except for one W10 gaming rig.

  4. JustDavid

    Running 11 since Day 1on three PCs, two that meet requirements, and one that doesn't (Gen 7 CPU). Love it, and no issues on any of the three.

  5. abrarey

    Only have W11 installed in one of my systems and not the primary one. Unsupported HW works fine. I don't see a compelling reason for moving the other systems yet. Even though I have no issues so far but the start menu, taskbar, and a few more annoyances, at least for me not worthy yet.

  6. christianwilson

    I upgraded my desktop and laptop and everything has been fine. For my needs, Windows 11 has been a fine upgrade. It doesn’t feel complete yet, but I’m not missing Windows 10.

  7. sherlockholmes

    Been there. Done it. Went back to Windows 10 Enterprise 1809 LTSC. Freedom at last.

    • dftf

      And support until 9 Jan 2029, also... nearly two years more than the current LTSC, based-off the 21H2 mainstream release

  8. dmitryko

    Tried Windows 10X 11 for about 11 minutes, went "WTF!!?" 11 times.

    Its dumbed-down touch-based UI would be fine with about 11% of all users, even though it was designed for 11-year olds with a 11" ChromeOS toy tablet.