Windows 11 on a Pentium 4!


According to Notebook Check, someone actually installed Windows 11 on a 2006 Pentium 4 661 processor!

Windows Update worked too, according to the article.




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  1. erichk

    In my retro collection I have a Pentium 4 machine ... runs W98 SE though. ;-)

  2. madthinus

    I am sorry but I am tired of this conversation surrounding Windows 11 hardware support. For once Microsoft looked forward and made a clear commitment as to what they are supporting. They left a product fully supported in the market for the people left behind.

    Windows 11 is clearly getting some kind of hardware protected application sandbox features coming down the line. For that to work, they need to set the baseline high, otherwise you have people whining about that. To ease the transition, they are backporting some key features to Windows 10 to stop segmentation.

    I am sure you will find a story of Windows XP running on a microwave somewhere as well. It is cute, but it is not proof of the Gotcha everyone is claiming it to be.

    • navarac

      I have to agree, albeit I admit to being anti-W11. I reckon we've all kicked this subject to death now.

      • StevenLayton

        Nah, I think its got a few more months of life left in it yet. I bought this tinfoil hat especially to take part in the Windows 11 conversation, I want to get my moneys worth out of that investment ;)

    • polloloco51

      I agree, it is a somewhat tired story.

      Microsoft did completely bungle the Windows 11 announcement, with poor communication Then, dropped the arbitrary processor generation requirements layer, confounding everyone.

      Microsoft to this day, still has not fully explained in-depth, the processor generation requirements! They still say on the official requirements page, a "compatible 64 Bit Processor".

      The TPM and Secure Boot requirements are completely understandable.

    • Greg Green

      But they didn’t make a clear commitment. They’ve fudged several times on it already.

    • rob_segal

      I understand what Microsoft is trying to accomplish by drawing a line in terms of what Windows 11 will support, but clear isn't the word I would use to describe it.

  3. scj123

    I've never managed to get my microwave beyond WindowsME

    • polloloco51

      I have a 2000-ish Compaq Presario I always wanted to get onto Windows XP from ME. Unfortunately, it had a broken display, and time just marched on!

      Windows XP was night and day better, than any of the 9x line.

    • red.radar

      Mine runs Alexa :)

  4. spacein_vader

    Someone got the original Doom running on a digital pregnancy test. There's a whole community who enjoy the challenge of getting it to run on obscure hardware.

  5. erichk

    I like Boom, which can be found in FreeDOS.