Windows 11 on Launch Day


Will you upgrade to Windows 11, when it’s released on October 5th?

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I might clean install Windows 11, on just one desktop when it’s released. This will be a test bed for my other PCs.

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7 responses to “Windows 11 on Launch Day”

  1. hrlngrv

    I'll continue to run Windows 11 Insider builds in a VM, but there's nothing I want in Windows 11 which Windows 10 doesn't provide.

    I'm open to being swayed by reports detailing how Windows 11 is safer than Windows 10 once Windows 11 has been publicly released for a few months, so not before next winter. Otherwise, Windows 10 works better for me: that's primarily due to Windows 10's traditional taskbar in which I want to keep using toolbars.

    • boots

      I will keep using Window 10 for as long as possible. I'm not going to replace hardware that works fine, just so I can run an OS that has less functionality.

  2. crp0908

    When a new Windows OS comes out, I traditionally like to test it on older hardware (for example, a secondary device). Too bad the Windows 11 hardware requirements won't allow me to do this because all of my potential existing secondary hardware are equipped with older than Intel gen 8 hardware. And I have yet to be able to successfully install Windows 11 on a Hyper-V VM. So no, I won't be using Windows 11 on day 1, either. Maybe I will when it comes time to demote my gen 8 device to secondary status.

  3. wright_is

    I don't have any hardware capable of running Windows 11 currently. My desktop (Ryzen 7 1700, 32GB RAM, 3 SSDs and an HDD, nVidia GTX1050ti) is more than powerful enough for everything I need, but it won't run Windows 11.

    Actually, I put openSUSE on it a couple of weeks ago and I'm not really worried about Windows 11. At work, we will have to wait and see, whether we go Windows 11 or whether new hardware will get downgraded to Windows 10, until Windows 11 has been verified and allowed to be used.

  4. lvthunder

    Yep, I'll be using Windows 11. I have the beta on my Surface Book 3 now. It might not be Day 1 it just depends on what's happening that day.

  5. spacein_vader

    Never day 1, prefer to let others be the cattle that clears the bug minefield.

    Later on I might do if I see any worthwhile features. So far the only one that interests me (Direct Storage) is being back ported anyway.