Kindle 7 jailbreak


Good morning fellow Thurrottians, I bought a Kindle 7 yesterday for $50 Canadian, apps are worse than my Lumia 650–halp!

Can someone show me how to get android working on this?

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  1. RobotRaccoon

    Root Junky has some annoying hoops to jump through in order to access the downloads, but I can confirm the tools and methods work.

  2. wunderbar

    For the record, it already does run Android (albeit a comically old version at this point, 5.1). What you're asking for is getting Google Play/Google Play Services installed. the device is also called the Fire Tablet, no more kindle in the name of their tablets. the guides below will help, but also googling the correct terms will get you to where you're going.

    It's pretty easy, took me about half an hour to do on my Fire 8" I bought last year. It works pretty well for me after doing that.

  3. noahoscar986

    I hope you found your solution

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