Flutter and the Tao of Eclipse


I decided I wanted to investigate Flutter, Google’s mobile application SDK that can be used to create both Android and iOS applications. It purports to be easy to use even for beginners. Then I started down the gauntlet of installing and configuring it for Windows.


1 Install Git for Windows with a specific configuration and your choice of editors (and Powershell if not on Windows 10)

2 Download the Flutter SDK and unzip it and launch the bat file.

3 Update your path

4 Run Flutter Doctor to see if you are missing dependencies

5 Install Android Studio (even if you’re going to edit in a different editor. Why would you need if you are targeting iOS only?)

6 Setup your Android device running 4.1 or higher

7 Setup the Android emulator including enabling hardware acceleration on your PC


OK, that’s page one. Ever since Eclipse was introduced development tools have become almost more complicated to setup and configure than the actual application would be to write. IMO we’ve transitioned from our role as software developers to configurators and integrators. There’s nothing “integrated” in IDE’s these days.

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