2 Stadio Ooops moments

  1. You can’t use Stadia with a G Suite account
  2. On a Mac with a touch bar, you can’t exit stadia as you need to use the physical escape key and since the escape key has been moved to the touchbar, you are out of luck

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  1. Vladimir Carli

    I got the codes yesterday evening. It's little more than a prototype but the potential is huge. It's like a glimpse at the future. Sorry Microsoft, but the fact that google released sooner counts for something. The future of gaming looks very very interesting.

  2. wright_is

    1 isn't surprising, G Suite is for businesses, gaming is generally not allowed at work...

  3. Bats

    Stadia for business? ?.... That's interesting.

    As for the Mac,....lol..... That's there fault for trying to be weird. Get a real computer,..... a PC.

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