Just tried Stadia on my Mac Mini and my Xbox Controller


I had PayPal credits laying around for an entire year, so I decided to reward myself and took the plunge to order the Stadia Premium bundle. This morning I received my invite code and decided to give Stadia a whirl…on my Mac Mini (which has the graphical prowess of an entry level laptop) and my Bluetooth Xbox controller in Google Chrome. I will say this, I am amazed at how well it works. I have fast internet at home and I regularly get 400-450mbps on my (wired) Mac Mini, but even still, it impresses me how well this worked while playing a (near, albeit old) AAA title (Fantasy 2) on my non-Google everything hardware, all inside a damn web browser.

If this isn’t the future of gaming (or anything else for that matter), then someone please tell me otherwise. Damn.

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  1. willc

    But haven't you heard? Stadia is a failure! The media bubble has been saying so ad nauseam, which automatically makes it true.

    • codymesh

      In reply to willc:

      people with consoles or gaming PCs don't see the point of stadia. But of course what they don't see is that such services are able to turn any device into a place to play

      • nicholas_kathrein

        In reply to codymesh:

        That is a broad statement. I'm a PC Gamer. Build my gaming pc in a tiny case to do lan parties every few months. I'm more than excited to not have to spend $400 every few years for the next best mid mid range graphic card and every few years a new mobo and processor. I must spend about 750 to 1000 total every 3 years. I'd rather build a pc like a nuc or apple tv size to be my pc and that would be awesome to bring for lan parties. I can't wait for this to take off. I have stadia and am using it on my big tv to play sports games like NBA 2k and it's great. I don't have any issues and don't notice any lag. It's great and will only get better.

  2. jimchamplin

    Nvidia GeForce NOW is also nice on the Mini

  3. Daekar

    We gamers are a conservative bunch in some ways, and Google's marketing hasn't given anyone any confidence, especially after hearing reviews from other people. But really, "negative latency?" That kind of nonsense gives the impression that Google is disingenuous.

    You never know, the streaming thing might take off. Stranger things have happened, where technically-inferior solutions won out.

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