Just tried Stadia on my Mac Mini and my Xbox Controller


I had PayPal credits laying around for an entire year, so I decided to reward myself and took the plunge to order the Stadia Premium bundle. This morning I received my invite code and decided to give Stadia a whirl…on my Mac Mini (which has the graphical prowess of an entry level laptop) and my Bluetooth Xbox controller in Google Chrome. I will say this, I am amazed at how well it works. I have fast internet at home and I regularly get 400-450mbps on my (wired) Mac Mini, but even still, it impresses me how well this worked while playing a (near, albeit old) AAA title (Fantasy 2) on my non-Google everything hardware, all inside a damn web browser.

If this isn’t the future of gaming (or anything else for that matter), then someone please tell me otherwise. Damn.

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