Microsoft Needs Stadia Like Hardware


I know many people don’t be leave it but I know many people that were using Stadia they just have a phone and internet and set top box. Stadia was a cheap way for them to get into gaming on there big 4K TV. I think Microsoft needs something like a cheap wireless controller and dongle to help Xcloud grow or put app on Roku, Apple TV and Google TV.

I know Paul already wrote about xbox wireless controller. I know many people who have said to me I would do xcloud on my TV if I did not need to buy xbox for my TV. I know xcloud coming to TV sets slowly but this would make even older TV compatible. I think Stadia had right hardware and tech but never pushed it. Xbox, Playstation and Nintendos have there own sections in Gamestop, Walmart, Target there was no Stadia section lol.