Android 9 (Pie) – Got It on my Pixel Already


Android 9 (Pie) is here and my Pixel 2 XL just got the OTA, so it is downloading and about to install.

Anyone else get it?

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  1. fivenorth

    Not yet. Were you on the beta?

  2. Crypto

    Yup just got it on my Pixel 2 XL on Verizon

  3. Sprtfan

    How has the update gone for you? I got it on my Pixel but didn't install it since I read there was an issue with Android 9 slowing down charging on Pixel phones.

  4. nicholas_kathrein

    I was on the beta. I got it about two days after the official release by going to settings and checking for software updates. It was only 50 mb. Works great. As a hidden feature that almost no one knows about go to settings / security & location / lock screen preferences and turn on "Show lockdown option". When you hold the power button down to turn off the phone you'll now get an option to lockdown the phone so the finger print reader no longer works. When you fly or get pulled over or anytime you're worried about this type of thing you can turn it on.

  5. Alexander Rothacker

    My son got it on his Essential Ph-1 about a week ago, works like a charm. OTOH, my LG G6 is on 8.0 and I have my doubts it will ever see Pie :(

    • goodbar

      In reply to earlster:

      I know they are going out of business, but I still picked up a essential ph-1 Halo gray from Amazon for like $300, it sounds like Oreo and pie fixed most of the original gripes and for that price it's still a steal even a year later.