Google Fi data only SIM phone set up


I have 11 year old twins that want to ride their bikes around town and do a few things by themselves and want to have away for them to contact me if they run into any problems. I have Google Fi and remember seeing that you can set a phone up with a data only SIM and can use it with Google Voice number to still make some calls and receive messages. Anyone know how best to go about doing this or have a link to a guide? I also have a Microsoft 365 subscription that comes with 60 mins of Skype that could be used. Thanks

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    • Sprtfan

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      Thanks, I guess what I should have asked for was how best to set up Google Voice and Skype for a data only device. I think I have if figured out and is working better than I expected. They can send/receive text messages via Google Voice and can make phone calls using Skype and the free mins I get. I had a small issue with contacts to start out with but wasn't to hard to figure out and fix.