A Matured Chrome OS = Window’s (and Mac) Worst Nightmare?


Over the years, we only really had two operating systems on PCs, Windows and Mac. Now, we have Chrome OS and Chromebooks, being sold. Chromebooks are pretty good, for casual users. They offer a streamlined, and safe experience, where people can’t screw their computers up.

Recently, Chromebooks have begun getting Android apps, apart of the operating system. Chrome OS, originally was just a browser based operating system, with the bare necessities, and a file explorer. Now, it is inching closer to something more useful, especially with Android apps. Albeit, Android Apps are still not nearly as sophisticated as desktop Windows programs, yet.

Imagine, if Chrome OS further matured, and offered tools, that could be found in Windows? Also, imagine if you could run Adobe Premiere, Lightroom, or Photoshop. If Chrome OS, matures to a point, where it maintains it’s fast speed, and also usefulness for power/advanced users. Could Chrome OS and Chromebooks, soon challenge Windows and Mac PCs?

What do you think?

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