Amazon Echo vs Google Home


So I have to say I have been a big adopter of the Amazon Echo I have two in my house the echo and a dot. I was kicking around getting a google home is it better or worse? I know huge downfall for me will be audible and spotify 2 services I used way before echo was even a thought. Ideas? Suggestions?

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  1. lecter

    Maybe you could put your Android phone to charge on a table, enable "OK, Google" in all areas of the OS and try it out? Google Assistant has been rolled out to phones and as I understand it, that's basically what Home is, just with nicer mics. Works fine for me for controlling Hue lights & such.

    If you have certain phones that react to "OK, Google" even when locked and not charging, there might not even be a need to put it on a table :)

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