Android alternative for iPod Touch


I know Samsung used to make a Android-version of the iPod Touch – their Galaxy Player, but I believe it’s been discontinued. Is there anything out today that would fill the iPod Touch niche for Android?

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  1. Chris_Kez

    Would an Android phone used with WiFi be sufficient?

  2. jdmorris

    Get an android phone that you otherwise like. Stick a dead SIM in it. I haven't tried that but I suspect it will eliminate the no-SIM alert. If that doesn't work, buy a Freedompop SIM when it's being discounted (often for a buck) and just turn off data usage in settings. I have tried that one and it works fine to get rid of the no-SIM alert. Just make sure you opt out of the services they give you for free the first month, so they don't charge you the next month.

  3. vernonlvincent

    I appreciate all of the suggestions. Based on what I'm reading, there isn't a company that has an Android device like an iPod Touch in that form-factor (4-5 inches). Of course, there are tablets, but that's not the I'm looking for. I could also use a phone with the SIM card removed, but that would also entail other things (like messages indicating that no SIM card is present, or removing the phone dialer app).

    Thank you all for your suggestions, however. They were appreciated.

    • Chris_Kez

      In reply to vernonlvincent:

      You never said why an iPod Touch (or a used one) isn't an option.

      • vernonlvincent

        In reply to Chris_Kez:

        The family was interested in finding an non-Apple product due to having purchased an iPod Touch via eBay only to discover that it was an older model that didn't support iOS 8 or higher and didn't have the money to purchase anything newer that would support the newer iOS versions. I was hoping to find an economical Android device that would work for them without them having to deal with quirks that a technology enthusiast can overlook or mitigate.

  4. Chris_Kez

    If this is an Apple family, you might just consider picking up a used iPod Touch. You could probably get a 5th Generation model running iOS 9 for less than $150. This way they can continue to use Facetime and iMessage, and they can benefit from family sharing of apps and media (assuming there aren't too many issues due to its being limited to iOS 9).

    If you're concerned about the complexity of giving an Android phone to an Apple family, I can assure you it will be the Android part that's confusing, not the phone part. ;)

  5. launcher330

    We just purchased 2 7" Barnes and Noble Nook tablets for $50 each for our kids. It runs stock android marshmallow, micro SD slot(which you will need), web cam, and headphone jack. We have no complaints so far. The Amazon version doesn't have the Google Play store and also has ads built in. May be too big to carry around as an mp3 player but is a good option.

  6. Vuppe

    Since you're looking for something more to give to a child, FiiO still makes MP3 players based on Android. They have a range of qualities/price points and pretty solid reviews.

  7. Polycrastinator

    What's your need here? Small mobile internet device? Portable Media Player? I feel like either dedicated music players, or small tablets, have filled this niche.

    • vernonlvincent

      In reply to Polycrastinator:
      The need is for an iPod Touch sized device running Android. A tablet would meet the technical requirements, but not the size requirements. The parent wants something small, capable of playing games, music, and video - with Facetime-type capabilities (like Google Duo and Skype).

      From the sound of things, there really isn't an Android device in this size category that isn't a phone. I wanted to avoid accidents where the child could accidentally (or intentionally, for that matter) turn off Airplane mode or otherwise get to the phone dialer, as well as messages like "No SIM card present".

      I'm technically literate enough that stuff like this doesn't bother me - but I'm working with a family used to Apple where they don't have to do these kinds of things. Hence my wondering whether or not there was an iPod Touch type device that wasn't a tablet but ran Android.

  8. Paul Thurrott

    Any low-end or used Android phone should work nicely for this task, just leave it in Airplane mode, etc. There are some good Moto options to consider, with microSD expansion for content.

  9. ecumenical

    How "premium" does it need to be? As little as $20 will get you a solidly-built Android phone with an SD card slot that you can connect to wifi and use for music / apps. If you specifically want something that's not a phone, though, no idea.

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