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Having moved to Google at home with both an assistant, and also their Wi-fi, and using a Nexus 6p, I’ve found myself in need of a new laptop and my current one has died, and I’m seriously considering a Chromebook.

I work in IT, in Education, so becoming more familiar with Chromebooks is (for me) a good move.

What are the options for for Chromebooks, in the £500 price range? It must be able to run the Google Play Store apps, and I want to have a reasonable experience, so nothing too slow.

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  1. John Scott

    I think the Samsung Pro Chromebook is nice, since you are familiar with Chrome OS I think going with a nicer more robust hardware will provide a better experience. I like the HP Chromebook 14 a bigger screen but well within your price point. Samsung claims to have a Black Friday deal on the Chromebook Pro. Just FYI.

  2. maethorechannen

    I'd wait until Black Friday. Last year I got a Lenovo N22 (it's on the "will get Android support one day" list, but I'm not holding my breath) from Amazon for £99.

    You might even be able to get a "real" laptop and use the savings to get a Chromebook to play with while staying within your budget.

  3. StevenLayton

    It’s funny, I’ve just realised something that should have been obvious to me.

    I was a Windows Phone user that jumped ship to Google Android 18 months ago when WP died.

    Because of that, I started buying entertainment content from Google.

    Because of that, I bought a Google Home and Google WiFi to interact with it, and control access to it for the family.

    Because of that, I’m going to replace my dead Windows laptop with a Chromebook.

    Because of the nail, the shoe was lost....(or something like that)

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