Current State of Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL


I had a Pixel 3 XL on launch day that I returned a few days later, due to its rocky start. I had all the issues many people complained of – bad speakers, crashing apps, missing photos, etc. I’m curious to find out, from those that own one of these phones, how things have improved since the launch.

What has me thinking about this is that Best Buy has them on sale for $450 off. $150 instant Best Buy savings, then $300 worth of credits over 24 months (that’s the rub). But anyway, that puts the 64GB XL at $449, which is around where I thought this device should be priced. It’s tempting at that price for sure.

So, is the Pixel 3 a better phone now than when it launched? Have the issues been addressed?

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