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I currently use a Samsung Galaxy S2 for my Android tablet for reading and light gaming; and it’s starting to show it’s age a bit with battery life and the kinds of game it supports. I was thinking about a Huawei 8″ tablet (since those have received some pretty stellar reviews) but with the ban going on, I’m hoping there are alternatives.

So – what are the good-to-great 8″ Android tablets out there?

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  1. illuminated

    I was looking to upgrade my 8 inch android tablet as well and I found out that there was very little progress. I had to get a 10+ inch tablet just to get a bit faster processor that was newer than 5 years or so old. Nowadays even budget phones have faster processors than some 8 inch android tablets. Android tablet situation is not good.

    • vernonlvincent

      In reply to illuminated:

      I'm kind of coming to the same conclusion that I'll have to get a 10" tablet (or 9.7 or whatever). I guess it's not that big of a deal. The thing I like about the 8" tablets is that they are comparable in size to a normal hardcover book, which I really like. The 10" tablets feel like I'm always reading a magazine. It's weird, I know.

    • Lauren Glenn

      In reply to illuminated:

      I just picked up a Samsung S5e and am enjoying the screen size quite a bit. Not some weird 3:2 ratio or like phones where it's 2.1:1 or something. Looks like a regular 16:9 ratio and great for watching videos, podcasts, TV shows, etc. without having letterbox bars on it.

      I liked my iPad but this does the trick for me now. Plus, you can just turn on DeX mode and have the screen be like a Chromebook. I assume you can hook it up via USB-C to a monitor and get a mini-PC type feel on it...

      $400 for 64GB of storage (and wifi) is not too bad. They do have LTE variants but I wasn't going to spend another $150 or so when I don't use that too often. I can just tether to my phone for now.

      Screen does look pretty good though... just if you're going to use it with Wifi, put it in a case to avoid the iPhone 4 like "antenna-gate thing"

  2. christian.hvid

    I like my Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2, but only because it can take a beating like nothing else - it's probably no faster than the one you already have.

    Unless you have a really good reason to buy an Android tablet, you should probably opt for an iPad mini instead. Or one of the oversized Android phones, like the 6.7 inch Galaxy A70.

  3. F4IL

    I have a Xiaomi MiPad 4 which i bought for 190€. It goes without saying I had to import mine, since these are meant for the Chinese market.

  4. Bats

    How much are you willing to spend?

    • vernonlvincent

      In reply to Bats:

      Well, since it's an 8" tablet I want, I was thinking in the sub $400 range. Swappa has the same model Samsung tablet I have for $145 - so somewhere between those two prices.

  5. the escalation

    I'm sure there's a reason that you haven't yet mentioned, but why not just pick up one of Amazon's Fire HD tablets? They can be modified to run the Play Store now with very little effort, and there is an 8" version available.

  6. bob_shutts

    I'm not an Android user but the LG G Pad F2 is an 8 inch Android tablet that looks pretty sweet. Sold by Sprint online.