Google WiFi Stealth WAN Ports?


Does Google WiFi stealth closed WAN ports? I cannot find any information on their product info pages.

I picked up an AmpliFi HD router recently to replace my Apple Airport Extremes. Using Steve Gibson’s ShieldsUP, I found that it does not stealth the closed WAN ports. Not sure if this is still a best practice, but it makes me nervous with all the devices we have sitting behind the router. I guess that’s a question to throw out to Steve.

AmpliFI support said they’ll add to the requested features list and stealthing may appear in the future. Who knows when that will be. It’s disappointing that it is missing, considering the cost.

I’m not a fan of Google, so that’s why I didn’t go the Google WiFi route to start. I think Google WiFi is just another way for them to spy on my activities for advertising.

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