I miss my old Nexus 6P


After breaking her cheapish Android phone, I gave our daughter my old Nexus 6p phone as a temporary solution, until we could get her a new one. The battery on the Nexus had deteriorated, which is why I’d given it up, but when I was setting the phone up for her, I fell in love with this phone all over again!

There is something about the phone, right size, great camera, pure Google, finger sensor in the ‘right’ place, which made it such a great phone. Heck, I’ve missed it!

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2 responses to “I miss my old Nexus 6P”

  1. Emmanuel Rannaud

    I'm holding on to my 6p as long as I can. Still a great phone after 4 years. Works with 8.1

    Probably won't change until 5G devices come along.

  2. Paul Thurrott

    It was a great phone, but the performance was just terrible.