Pixel 2 Beep When Hanging up


I wrote an earlier post saying how I was switching to Android and curious about texting between PC and phone. Well, I got the Pixel 2 and for the most part it is nice. But I am having this issue where I am hearing a loud beep through the speaker when I hang up. Before I do a factory reset as google support reccomends, I was wondering if anyone had any insight on this. I read some reddit posts that removing Snapchat or clearing the phone app cache should get rid of this problem, but it didn’t.

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  1. Nicholas Kathrein

    Are you sure that is a problem? I have a Nexus 6p and when it hangs up either by you hitting hangup or they do it beeps to make sure you know the call is no longer connected. You know how on regular land line phones you keep talking and talking and then notice the person hung up. I think that is why it makes a tone so you know right away you're not connected. Sometimes a drop is the phone service or you accidentally bumping the button when your not paying attention to it. I don't think what your hearing is a bug. Again I think it's loud so you can hear it over your talking so if a call did disconnect even when your talking.

  2. GT Tecolotecreek

    It's the guy at Google collecting ad info about your phone call hanging up! :-)

  3. Bats

    Whatever problems you are having, just return it and get a brand new one. I believe that Google will give you Play store credit for your trouble.

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