Pixel 5a Overheating


Well, it wouldn’t be a Pixel launch without some kind of issue. Personally, I don’t see this being an issue for me as I don’t really do much video. But just throwing it out there. Also, it looks like this was already an issue on the 5 and 4a 5G. Not sure why it’s blowing up now.



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  1. madthinus

    Another year of Pixel, another year of some issues. One has to ask, when is this brand tarnished to the point of need for a replacement.

    • miamimauler

      Actually, Pixel's are rather solid sellers and are decent devices.

      I encourage you to search this site for Pixel and you will see even Paul suggesting the line while not perfect is very solid.

      BTW, you state 'Another year of Pixel, another year of Pixel issues'. I also encourage you to take an open minded and honest look at other phone lines and not just single out the Pixel line due to what I suspect is a pre-conceived bias against Google.

      • lvthunder

        Do you have any evidence they are "solid sellers"? Are they even in the top 5? I'm not questioning if they are decent devices or not, I just have never heard that they sell very many.

  2. crunchyfrog

    From my experience, most phones I have owned will get pretty hot if you run them hard enough or use certain features for an extended time. Even the surrounding environment has a lot to do with thermal dissipation which is expected to some degree.

    Some of this gets mitigated on more expensive phones that use more materials to help draw heat away from heat prone areas and spread it over a wider area to cool faster. This is likely something that the cheaper models of Pixels lack in sufficient amounts to help cool the processor down.

    Another consideration with regards to the Pixel 5a is that it is running an older CPU which is being taxed pretty hard trying to film at 4K/60. Probably that feature should have been left out or limited to 4K/30.

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