Samsung Galaxy S(20+) poor antenna design?


My S20+ finally arrived today (2 days early) and I’ve been busy setting it up.

My wife said to me last night, that her S10 was getting a poor signal, compared to her old Huawei P-Smart. Looking at the S20+, it seems like this is a “standard feature” of the S-series?

The S20+ is getting 1 bar at home, on my Mate 10 Pro I was getting full bars. I’m also getting (4G) 0.3mbps down and 0.0 up – I usually get around 5 – 15mbps on the Mate 10 Pro.

Does anyone else have experience with Samsung S series, compared to other phones?

I really like the S20+, although some of the widgets don’t display propery (Audible and PocketCasts), but if I can’t get a signal, there isn’t a lot of point keeping it!

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