the pixel 3a saved the pixel brand


Let’s face it, it’s iPhone or Pixel, and the Pixel phones have had a lot of issues. They also were overpriced for what they are. The Pixel 3a is different though, you get a great OLED display and amazing camera for $550. Minimum 3 years of major software updates too (it could be longer than 3 years, the original pixel phone still got the December 2019 update). I got one 2 weeks ago and it’s amazing, no issues so far either. Apple are going to have to respond to this phone, the iphone xr is $600 and it’s significantly worse than the 3a. Bottom line: the pixel 3a deserves phone of the year award, they deserve to sell tens of millions of this phone. Google just needs to keep doing this phone at this price point forever and the pixel brand could be huge in a few years.

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  1. ghostrider

    I wholeheartedly agree. I own the Pixel 3a (it replaced my old Moto G5) and while it's not perfect (no phone is), I didn't have any issues with the price, which is way more realistic. It's quick, bloat free with a good screen and great camera. Google really needed this phone, and it's rammed home that many ex-Nexus owners have been crying out for a mid-range Google handset that's 'good enough' to carry the Nexus torch. Personally, I will never, ever pay premium prices. It's madness.

    Google could barely keep up with demand when the 3a was released, and it was Amazon's top selling unlocked handset for ages, and is still top 10. What's interesting though is that the current top 10 are all budget phones (Apple's top selling unlocked phone's on Amazon are refurb 6S's and 7's).

    So yes, the 3a has given the Pixel phone brand a kick, and I fully expect to see a 4a next year. Google really need to sort out their premium handsets though, especially when competing with Samsung and Apple. I do think there's a sub-premium space though where Google can operate successfully, maybe in the $500-$700 range, keeping the 'a' models $300-$400.

  2. rob_segal

    This is an overreaction. Apple sells a lot more iPhones than Google does Pixels. Samsung sells a lot more Galaxies than Google does Pixels.

  3. minke

    Still rockin' my Pixel 2 and loving it, but if I was to get a new phone it would be the 3a and not the 4. I've had zero problems with the 2. The 3a is a great phone and at a good price, but it will never eat into iPhone sales. Who knows what Google's goals are with the Pixel line of phones. I don't suspect they really care all that much about sales, as long as they don't lose a ton of money. It seems more about testing the market and having their own phones so new Android stuff, apps, and services can be fully trialed in-house.